Friday, May 7, 2010

your gypsy soul

Who wants to go see The Swell Season at the Knitting Factory? No matter that only a few of us will live in the Spo at that time - COME VISIT!

Maybe they will cover "Into the Mystic" again and we can get all sniffly reminiscing about Matt & Becca's wedding:

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oregon scientists will try sound to steer Tooleys away from wave-energy devices

Hello Blog.

An excerpt from Katy Muldoon's article in The Oregonian

All of it is part of an experiment that Oregon State University marine researchers plan early next year during Tooley migrations. They hope to learn whether low-power acoustic devices -- this one emitting a single "whoop," then a rising "whoop-whoop-whoop," -- can prevent Tooleys from approaching wave-energy platforms and cables that might one day occupy waters off Oregon and elsewhere.

In other related news, my roommate claims a friend of his goes to Brown with the Emma Watson.  Apparently in a class that they're in together, Emma answered the professor's question correctly. The professor replied something to the effect of, "Good Job Miss Watson."  A guy in the back yelled, "Ten Points for Gryffindor!"