Friday, May 30, 2008

Elkfest 2008

Elkfest starts today at 4 pm. It's a block away from our apartment. Music, food, and beer. See you there.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Flapping Peen

Becca (11:24:22 AM): Tooley
Becca (11:24:25 AM): I have a 5k for you to run
Becca (11:24:39 AM): you have to sign up for it before I help you
Tooley (11:24:46 AM): alright
Tooley (11:24:50 AM): 2 months!?!
Tooley (11:24:56 AM): I don't have that much time
Becca (11:25:02 AM): Hahaha
Tooley (11:25:02 AM): I was thinking more like 2 weeks
Becca (11:25:06 AM): Well
Becca (11:25:14 AM): For this 5k, you might want to... tone... a little
Tooley (11:25:33 AM): fine
Tooley (11:25:54 AM): when is it?
Becca (11:26:03 AM): end of July
Tooley (11:26:18 AM): alright, 3 miles, should take about 20 minutes if I'm in shape, right?
Tooley (11:26:29 AM): 25 tops
Becca (11:26:32 AM): Uh... maybe
Rachel (11:26:38 AM): ambitious
Becca (11:26:40 AM): Depends on how in shape you get
Tooley (11:27:22 AM): alright, bike to work one day, run the next? how does that sound?
Becca (11:27:24 AM): Also, how much you mind flapping peen
Rachel (11:27:32 AM): AHAHAHAHA
Tooley (11:27:33 AM): what?
Rachel (11:27:36 AM): lol-ing
Becca (11:27:41 AM): It's called the Bare Buns Fun Run
Becca (11:27:47 AM): It's at a nudist beach
Becca (11:27:52 AM): And you totally just agreed to do it
Tooley (11:28:03 AM): alright smart ass, are you doing it Becca?
Becca (11:28:18 AM): Nope
Becca (11:28:21 AM): I'm your coach
Tooley (11:28:24 AM): right
Becca (11:28:27 AM): :D

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Decemberists get Obamamania

Obama and The Decemberists

75,000 people showed up at Portland's Waterfront Park. I would of showed up just to hear The Decemberists. I don't want to give any credence to the conservative pundits, but I'd to take a trip to the park for a free Decemberists concert.

Sidenote, anybody want to go to some concerts this weekend. The Hives are on Sunday before they go to Sasquatch on Monday. The Whigs are on Friday. I heard they're okay. I believe Tooley's camping this weekend. Anybody have cool plans for the weekend.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's getting hot in Spokane.

Time to bring on the kiddie pools!

Target Selections (I put in my vote for the Banzai Cruise Cantina Pool at $24.99)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

If Joos was a Muppet...

According to this, he would be Gonzo the Great. Here he is as Zorro instead.

Bugs Bunny, the Slinky, etc.

I don't think we really have any McCain supporters on the blog, and if we do... too bad.

Other Concerts of Note

3/15 Mistress & The Misters (Empyrean)
3/16 Hell's Belles (Big Easy)
3/23 The Whigs (Big Easy)
3/25 The Hives (Big Easy)

3/15 Empyrean Coffeehouse

Thought this might be fun. I kind of like Mistress & The Misters.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Too Far?

Alright, tell me if I went too far on this joke. This morning we were having breakfast (which was awesome because Karl was telling us stupid stories which were hilarious) and J-Mac comes in to visit. To those who don't know, J-Mac is the COO of our company who's sole job is to wine and dine, and hire people. In short, he's an idiot.

Anyway, he comes in and Alex tells him that Devon was laughing so hard a minute prior that she spewed diet coke all over the place. J-Mac seeing the opportunity to make a joke says "you know I always wondered, if you make a cow laugh does milk come out her nose?" I found this joke reminiscent of kindergarten and mainly just stupid, so in response I asked J-Mac "I don't know. If you make a recently pregnant woman laugh does milk come out HER nose?" The entire room laughed hysterically and J-Mac just had a bewildered look on his face that I had shamed him so publicly.

Anyway, I realize that it was crass, but you should have seen the stupid look on his face.

Dave Grohl Writes Metallica a Fan Letter

Dave gets passive agressive on Metallica's ass in a fan letter.

They deserve it, but Dave, Foo Fighters have been putting out the same album for the last 8 years. People in glass houses...


The beast took number 10. Here is another of The Worlds 10 best tasting beers:

4. Hurricane High Gravity Lager This malt liquor is to beer what Carlos Mencia is to comedy: crass and phony. The unfettered use of cheap ingredients, designed solely to supply alcohol on the cheap, imparts the aroma of acetone and chemical solvents. Yummy. Safety Harbor member Ibrew2or3 has this to say: "Should I be drinking something that smells like an auto shop?"

The answer is YES.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Free NIN Album

Nine Inch Nails has released a free album through their website.

You can download The Slip here.

Saturday, May 3, 2008