Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Standing in Solidarity

Dateline January 30, 2008

Paul Freeman, Minister of Cheetos Puffs
Tooley, Vicar of Cheetos Crunchy

Standing in Solidarity

In the times where socioeconomic injustices prevail throughout the world, we the men of Spokanicity issue the following statement.

Innocent lives have been psychologically and, at times, physically scarred by the actions of a few. We stand in solidarity. For all those who have been exposed to ridiculous and awful depictions of what is known as "lolcatz," we stand in solidarity.

Our moments of today reflect the silence of the cats who have been used inhumanely to achieve an end of what some call humor. However, this is not true humor. Innocent minds are lost to the decay of intellect caused by these images.

We refuse to sit idly by as this offense to the world continues in the memory of those who are unable to express their own voices.


  1. You guys suck. Clearly you lack the sophistication necessary to appreciate the gloriousness that is "lolcatz". I hope Blaise sets you straight.