Thursday, April 17, 2008

English majors make the BEST parents.

Thank you all for coming to my thesis presentation. I love you guys. It meant a lot to me.

Also, who enjoyed that Cooney told Marshall to leave his son at the Y so he could come drink with us? That man, he thinks like I do. ("Oh shit! Henry's at the Y!" "Nah, just leave him there. He'll be fine."


  1. True story: my mom was an English major. I turned out okay... right? I think I was probably left at daycare for a time or two.

    I wish I could remember other great quotes of the evening but probably my favorite was when you said the phrase "clitoral orgasm" in a room full of people. Mary for the win!

  2. Besides the use of the phrase clitoral orgasm, I loved when you yelled at Cooney for flirting with Marshall.