Friday, April 18, 2008

Sean "Farrah" Tooley

So today for lunch Alex, Tammie, Devon, and I all went to lunch at Applebee's. When we arrived we waited, then were finally seated to be greeted by out server, Clayton. The meal was eventful, I managed to have Alex order a single glass of wine, only to have him later look really drunk and describe himself as feeling "dizzy." This is also the man ladies and gentlemen that never drinks and in his own words is a "stalker," Mary and Rachel can verify this.

Anyway, during the meal, Clayton was joking around with our table and called my Farrah because of my long flowing golden locks. I was not offended, I found it amusing. Also over the course of the meal there were tons of opportunities to rag of people in our office, and heckle Alex. Devon was amused because she said that Clayton was hitting on me...seriously how could he not?The meal continued and of course, more comedy ensued, especially when we talked about George Costanza and other inside jokes. But I digress. The highlight of the meal was as we were paying for the food I asked Clayton what happens when someone orders a meal but cannot pay because they have no cash and their cards are invalid; do they make them wash dishes, take a check, an IOU, call a bailbondsman, etc. When he returns he asks if I saw the woman wearing white in the bar. I look over expecting to see a manager he's harangled into looking mean and then threaten that he will beat me up, but only see a woman in her 40's (a customer) in white at the bar and a 25 year old-ish bartender. Apparently the 40 year old woman had given her number to Clayton to give me because he had told her about the Farrah comment and she was amused. Clayton recited the number but I did not catch it. On the way out she waved at me and I back. In retrospect I feel like I should have all my dining excursions at Applebee's, I regret instantly not picking myself up a sugar momma.

Look out gay men and old ladies, I am your eye candy. Enjoy!

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