Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Flapping Peen

Becca (11:24:22 AM): Tooley
Becca (11:24:25 AM): I have a 5k for you to run
Becca (11:24:39 AM): you have to sign up for it before I help you
Tooley (11:24:46 AM): alright
Tooley (11:24:50 AM): 2 months!?!
Tooley (11:24:56 AM): I don't have that much time
Becca (11:25:02 AM): Hahaha
Tooley (11:25:02 AM): I was thinking more like 2 weeks
Becca (11:25:06 AM): Well
Becca (11:25:14 AM): For this 5k, you might want to... tone... a little
Tooley (11:25:33 AM): fine
Tooley (11:25:54 AM): when is it?
Becca (11:26:03 AM): end of July
Tooley (11:26:18 AM): alright, 3 miles, should take about 20 minutes if I'm in shape, right?
Tooley (11:26:29 AM): 25 tops
Becca (11:26:32 AM): Uh... maybe
Rachel (11:26:38 AM): ambitious
Becca (11:26:40 AM): Depends on how in shape you get
Tooley (11:27:22 AM): alright, bike to work one day, run the next? how does that sound?
Becca (11:27:24 AM): Also, how much you mind flapping peen
Rachel (11:27:32 AM): AHAHAHAHA
Tooley (11:27:33 AM): what?
Rachel (11:27:36 AM): lol-ing
Becca (11:27:41 AM): It's called the Bare Buns Fun Run
Becca (11:27:47 AM): It's at a nudist beach
Becca (11:27:52 AM): And you totally just agreed to do it
Tooley (11:28:03 AM): alright smart ass, are you doing it Becca?
Becca (11:28:18 AM): Nope
Becca (11:28:21 AM): I'm your coach
Tooley (11:28:24 AM): right
Becca (11:28:27 AM): :D


  1. You know running cross country the shorts were about as short as really it's not very different.

  2. Don't you wear like, a cup or something?

  3. You don't run in a cup. Football players don't even wear cups.

  4. What the hell.

    I'm glad I'm a girl.