Thursday, May 8, 2008

Too Far?

Alright, tell me if I went too far on this joke. This morning we were having breakfast (which was awesome because Karl was telling us stupid stories which were hilarious) and J-Mac comes in to visit. To those who don't know, J-Mac is the COO of our company who's sole job is to wine and dine, and hire people. In short, he's an idiot.

Anyway, he comes in and Alex tells him that Devon was laughing so hard a minute prior that she spewed diet coke all over the place. J-Mac seeing the opportunity to make a joke says "you know I always wondered, if you make a cow laugh does milk come out her nose?" I found this joke reminiscent of kindergarten and mainly just stupid, so in response I asked J-Mac "I don't know. If you make a recently pregnant woman laugh does milk come out HER nose?" The entire room laughed hysterically and J-Mac just had a bewildered look on his face that I had shamed him so publicly.

Anyway, I realize that it was crass, but you should have seen the stupid look on his face.


  1. You should have said: If I make you laugh, does dumbass come out his nose