Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Have you ever been high as fuck?

Last night, Trevor, Steve, Tooley and I were hanging out at the Bulldog for dollar cans night, when who should appear but Guy I Randomly Met at the Bulldog and Have Been Avoiding, Anthony. Anthony offered to smoke us out in the back, so off we (Trevor and I obviously, not S&T) went. We split an average-sized bowl three ways....

...and I have never been higher in my life. Ever. And I have gotten lost in my own green room. Anthony split shortly thereafter, possibly in concjunction with me explaining loudly to Tooley that I wasn't going to sleep with him. (Subtle Mary was out in full force. Not.) S&T wandered off as our powers of communication diminished, but not before I'd attempted to sing Tooley the Have You Ever Been High as Fuck song. I failed. But here it is, Tooley, as promised:

Joos finally found us sitting outside the Bulldog trying to figure out how to walk and took us home, like a savior, coming out of the night with a halo of glory around his Basque head. Or so it appeared to us.

We were then innocently eating a box of stale Safeway cookies when who should descend upon us but Spenser, the Karl of Piraeus. In my weakened state, I still managed to drag myself upstairs to hide. Trevor couldn't move and had to listen to him until like 1:30 when he mustered the energy to escape.

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