Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Black Dog Music Festival

August 9th (Saturday) there is going to be an 8 hour music festival featuring 4 tribute bands:

No Quarter (Led Zeppelin)
American Night (The Doors)
Whiskey Creek (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
Blink Floyd (Pink Floyd)

Tickets are only $15, and I highly recommend we venture to Idaho and maybe camp there for the night? It should be amazing, No Quarter was fantastic last time, and with the other bands playing I am super excited.


  1. I say we "ramble on" to "sweet home" Idaho. "Make our way to the next whiskey bar" there. See if there are any "saturday night special(s)". Then get "comfortably numb"... and fight the "battle of evermore"... so where is Bayview, ID.

  2. Don't forget the big tub o' booze in CdA

  3. I thought you'd like this. The festival seemed like a good "Celebration Day" to listen to some "Rock and Roll" starting at noon and carrying on "In the Evening." "Tell All the People" you know about this concert, because it will be amazing.

    Also, I "Remember a Day" when Steve said "One of These Days" we need to go camping, and since he won't be working he'll have plenty of "Time" to come along. "Don't Ask Me No Questions" regarding where we are going to "Stay" that night, because I imagine "When the Music's Over" we won't want to drive home; or take the Kyle Swift approach and "Bike" back to Spokane.

    Oh, and Steve is a "Back Door Man", and I mean that in the most extremely "Flaming" manner possible... he goes "In Through the Out Door".

    "The End"

  4. I have been topped... "Thank You"