Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Paul's Return

After learning the basics to saving the world, I'll be returning to the NW around August 14th. I'm going to have to go to Spokane by early Spokane to pick up stuff I left with Joos (assuming he didn't get rid of it). Not that I have an idea of any sort of schedule for myself, but what's everyone doing around then?


Fun Yurt facts (from Yurt People)

The Yurt

is a round dwelling, held together at the eaves by a tension band. It has a cone shaped roof with a central compression ring skylight at the center top of the cone roof. This basic structure, used originally by the Mongolians, is the oldest form of prefab indigenous architecture still in use today and manufactured world wide.

Both in traditional and modern fabrics, are now available through Vital Designs in standard and custom frame panels.

Structural Definition
The Basic Yurt

The basic concept is this:

Both the felt or fabric covered Lattice wall Yurt and the modern day multi-faceted panel frame Yurt share the same principles. Both wall systems form a circular wall which are held together in tension by a cable at the top of the wall or at the roof edge. These panel or lattice walls form a base in tension which when connected to the roof rafters or roof frame panels hold them from pushing outward.

The roof frames or rafters are laid side by side and are attached to the cable along the perimeter. Together they form a conical roof. These rafters or panels at the top center of the truncated cone are cut short of the center and are attached to a central skylight compression ring. This structural system with its perimeter tension cable and central roof compression ring can span large distances with no center pole, resulting in lighter roof timbers for greater spans with a higher efficiency in use of materials.


  1. I'm doing whatever you want to do.

  2. But... if you guys hang out in the Yurt then I can't come! :( I want to hang out with Paul, too!

  3. The Yurt is a state of mind, not a location.

  4. And as such, only the select few are allowed in ;-)