Friday, October 31, 2008

Why I Voted for Obama

As I was driving to work today, I ended up behind perhaps the most horrendous sight I had ever seen. It was a bright yellow hummer. I've seen hummers before and have always quietly muttered douchebag under my breath, but this time was different. The first thing I noticed were the two McCain-Palin mudflaps. These were not normal mudflaps mind you. They had constructed oversized mudflaps to accommodate the kind of signs you put up in your yard. I felt like I was driving into car wash. The back was also accented by a tasteful mosaic on the back window of pleasant nature scene. I'm kind of sad it wasn't one of the flag and eagle ones, but my head may have exploded then. As I passed the car, I noticed another sign affixed to the side door as well as one in the front window!

I tried to stop bleeding from the eyes, as I mentally recast my vote for Obama.


  1. Where do these people come from? Are they stamped out of a factory located in rural Alabama?

  2. I hope that hummer is Dickau's.