Monday, November 10, 2008

Lets deck some halls, ya'll!

Hokey sho (okay so)

The 5th of December (Friday) would work for me to have our holiday shindig as would the 12th. The 12th (Friday also) is very close to a payday so my funds will me more available if we do it that day but the 5th works too.

What does everybody else think? Schedule conflicts? What sorts of things should we plan for, where shall it go down etc etc.

So far I am thinking:

Dinner? Apps?
Holiday tunes!
General merriment

AND we need to have a sledding party.


  1. Good Old christmas movies? Going light sight seeing?

  2. I think we need to have at least one dance party a la the pictures in this Facebook album:

  3. Let's do it on the 12th! Because I think we should go see the Nutcracker on the 5th.

  4. Ooooo! Nutcracker! OK! This is also the farewell bidding to Devon, Toodles and myself although I think general merriment should be on the forefront with just a hint of "catch ya later!" incorporated.

    So far we've decided that Friday the 12th we shall have all sorts of fun holiday festivities. And I think Devon's idea of going to see Christmas lights is wonderful! I bet there are some spectacular ones on the South hill.

    Now, where do we want all this glory to go down?

  5. Davenport has all the Christmas decorations with the trees etc, if we wanted apps and drinks. thoughts?

  6. I detest Christmas trees, and they detest me.

  7. Oh also -- you guys are special enough (I think) that you need your own going away party that's not necessarily holiday-fun-affiliated. :) J/k, I *know* you're special enough. It's not fair to make you share your last hurrah with a stupid holiday.