Friday, December 5, 2008

Okay companeros, let's get down to business. Party time.

December the 12th, yes? My personal vote is for staying in rather than going out. More economical, more opportunity for board games, drinking games, inappropriate conduct etc etc.

We should delegate, I feel. Maybe post what you could contribute to making it a success? For instance, Mollie would like me to inform everyone she is planning on bringing Safeway Select Pot' o Gold puff pastry appetizers.

Do we have any requests for other food? Bread, cookies, veggie somethings? And drinks, I figure we should all pitch in for this. Beer, liquor, wine, whatev. Roomie, could this perhaps be the perfect opportunity to unveil your chaitinis?!

So we need location and who's bringing what and we've got ourselves a mo'fuggin celebration!

PS: under the who's bringing what section, decorations might be something to think about... cheapo fun dollar store style stuff, I'm thinking.


  1. Well Helle's Belles are playing at the Knitting Factory on the 12th, so I personally would rather do it either on the 13th or after the concert. Thoughts?

  2. December 13th is Sankta Lucia Dag. I could dress up and host, on the condition that Tooley will not set my apartment/hair on fire with my candles.

  3. No guarantees, I should know after the Yurt.

  4. Speaking of Yurts, when I was flying back to Alaska I was doing a crossword puzzle in the Alaska Air magazine and the question was "a round Mongolian tent" to which I screamed "YUUUUUUUUURT!"

  5. OMG yes, Bex! PLEASE dress up for Sankta Lucia Dag! The 13th is cool. Grady is here that night so I don't know because Grady and I are entirely unaccountable and irresponsible when together. How do people feel about a weekday evening? Like Thursday?

  6. I can't do Thursday... it's my last night of class of the quarter :( Well, I take that back. I could do Thursday, as long as no one expects me to be there before 9:30 and I somehow make it to work in the morning.