Monday, January 5, 2009

The Continuining Story or Radar Love: A Tooley Story

Day 1:

9:27 - Got the car finally loaded and on the road
9:57 - Total shots of coffee surging through my body = 5
9:58 - Loud "what the hell have I done" sigh comes from passenger seat; I ignore as road noise.
11:03 - Witnessed first overturned car

11:04:00 - Made jerky movement pretending I'd lost control of vehicle
11:04:01 - Rubbing arm from where Devon punched me
11:14 - Enter Idaho

1:?? - Enter Montana. Upon entering the population rose from 2,108 to 2,110. Sheep population however still at a steady 2,492,268,100,184.

2:34 - Rang the bell for some delicious taco lunch in Missoula. Food served from 16 year old man/woman. Could not quite tell.
8:39 - Arrived at Billings "butt fuck" Montana. Hey, interesting fact, Joos is from there.
8:56 - Ate dinner opposite a couple of Montanans who could blend in perfectly with the best of the mullet wearing, forty drinking, toothless, meth head Spokies.
10:47 - Enter Wyoming. Note the photo is not blurry, the entire state is in perma-drunk.

11:13 - Made it to Sheridon Wyoming and rented a room for night. Wyoming is classy, the rooms come with only king size beds. In Wyoming that means they push 2 twin mattresses and charge you extra. Who'd a thunk?


  1. Careful, you're now in the land of Mick Bondi and Dick Cheney.

  2. The doubters have been silenced...

  3. I need the next installment. Please?

  4. More! The people demand more!

    You didn't burn Wyoming to the ground, did you?