Saturday, January 31, 2009

Forgotten Detroit

I thought this was a really cool site. It's a collection of picture and history of various landmark buildings in Detroit that have long since fallen into decay. Some of the buildings were clearly beautiful in their time, and good architecture shows through even after decades of abandonment and neglect.

The Michigan Central Depot is particularly impressive, as are the theaters. I've always wanted to get a chance to explore abandoned buildings, but haven't ever had much of a chance to. None of the ones in Spokane seemed particularly interesting or easily accessible. Plus, trespassing in Spokane seems like a risky idea given the police force's tendency towards shooting first and then shooting again, skipping that whole inconvenient hippie phase of "asking questions."


  1. Don't forget the Hobos.

  2. My God, the photo transition in that link is painful. Oh, and it's the SAME FUCKING PICTURE!

  3. Agreed. I was expecting more from the video, but its really just the audio of that PC dude I was looking for.