Monday, April 6, 2009


Grundle - The prime piece of real estate located conveniently between Scrotumburg and

[17:27] tundratooley: you are a grundle felcher
[17:28] tundratooley: I don't know how it works, but you do it
[17:28] Crave42: st. McGrundlestumper
[17:28] tundratooley: I'm madly in mcgrundlestumper with you
[17:29] Crave42: grundel of sorrow
[17:29] tundratooley: Seek and Grundle
[17:30] Crave42: jump in the grundle
[17:30] tundratooley: Welcome Home (Grundletarium)
[17:30] Crave42: ride the grundle
[17:30] tundratooley: Grundle Inc.
[17:31] tundratooley: Hit the Grundle
[17:31] Crave42: creeping grundle
[17:32] tundratooley: For Whom the Grundle Tolls
[17:32] Crave42: ...and grundle for all
[17:32] tundratooley: To Live is to Grundle
[17:32] Crave42: grundle's eve
[17:33] tundratooley: Phantom Grundle
[17:33] Crave42: grundle remorse
[17:33] tundratooley: Trapped Under Grundle
[17:33] Crave42: Grundled
[17:34] tundratooley: what is that supposed to be?
[17:34] Crave42: blackened
[17:34] tundratooley: ok
[17:34] tundratooley: Fight Grundle with Grundle
[17:34] Crave42: the call of grundle
[17:35] tundratooley: The Grundle III
[17:35] tundratooley: preceeded by The Grundle II and The Grundle
[17:35] tundratooley: Grundle My Bitch
[17:36] Crave42: king grundle
[17:37] tundratooley: Enter Grundleman
[17:39] Crave42: disposable grundles
[17:40] tundratooley: Grundle and Re-Grundle
[17:40] Crave42: the grundle that should not be
[17:40] tundratooley: Mama Grundle
[17:41] Crave42: eye of the grundle
[17:41] tundratooley: Grunnnndle
[17:42] tundratooley: (pun of Fixxxer)
[17:43] Crave42: all grundle long
[17:44] tundratooley: The Ungrundled Feeling
[17:45] tundratooley: They just said "Nothing Else Matters" in House
[17:45] tundratooley: they are on our wavelength right now
[17:45] tundratooley: Nothing Else Grundles
[17:45] Crave42: nothing else grundles

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