Tuesday, April 7, 2009

List time

Rachel's list of...
People that are cooler than me

1. People who brew beer. Come on, who wouldn't want to work in the beer industry? Or the wine industry, for that matter. I'm sure there's a lot of hard chemistry and stuff, but I could learn that. I'm not sure how hard the recession is hitting the industry - I'm imagining that it's not affected, because everyone needs to drink in a recession.
1a. Homebrewers are even cooler, but I couldn't find a good enough picture representing them.

2. Bono. Duh, dude's a millionaire, and gets to bang whomever he wants (like Oprah, see above), and still helps the world and shiz. He's cooler than anyone I know.

3. Kitesurfers. I met some of these dudes in Puerto Rico and so maybe I'm romanticizing it, because they quit their jobs in a cold place and moved to paradise to do a cool and unique sport. But another cool thing about kitesurfing: unlike regular surfing, if there's a shark trying to bite you, maybe you can just jump out of the water and let your kite carry you to safety. Maybe.

4. Jillian Michaels. She's a hot bitch. I mean, I know this is the wrong blog to talk about all my health and fitness bullshit, but she used to weigh more than I do (and she's shorter), and look how cut she is! And she has a job being the trainer on Biggest Loser, which I'm sure is kind of awesome.

5. Seth Rogan. And any dude who is able to have a real bromance and be really funny (so, all the male writers on this blog). Because I want to know what that's like, and stuff.

Post idea: Make a list of your own!

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