Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day

God bless you Columbus Day!

Stu: You shouldn't be sitting around at the computer on your day off sean. It's not healthy
Me: it's not my day off
Stu: what? you're working today?
Me: yup
Me: Columbus Day is for suckas
Stu: ha ha you are a work a holic my friend
Me: it's true
Stu: are you just sitting there in an empty office right now
Stu: it must feel like camping
Me: no, everyone is here
Stu: what?
Me: yeah
Stu: wait a minute... is today actually not a day off at work?
Me: not that I am aware of
Me: haha
Me: dude, I'm sure it's fine if you come in whenever
Stu: holy shit it is such a good thing we just had this conversation