Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Do Teenagers Actually Talk to Each Other?

I've been getting a string of text messages from what I presume is a teenage girl at a high school in the Portland Metropolitan Area.

10:08 PT ET - "Sup! I got ur from laurel!"

Got my what from who? WHO ARE YOU?!
10:39 PT ET - This is Nina. Laurel have me ur #. Is that ok?

Okay? I don't even know a Laurel. Wait, let me check Facebook. Nope, the only Laurel is Canadian and I doubt you're the Nina from GU that I barely knew.
10:41 PT ET - Laurel [some last name that I wont divulge out of respect, though I will say her last name is similar to an English heavy metal rock star's], Duh!

Duh? I thought I told you I have no idea who that is, and yet you're still wasting my precious texts that I never use! How dare you!
10:49 PT ET - U go 2 [name of high wait, MIDDLE SCHOOL in the Portland Area], rite? And u no hoo i am rite?

Who taught you how to spell? No, again, I have no idea who you are and I didn't even know your school was a middle school until I looked it up just now. I thought you were a stupid high schooler!
10:53 PM ET - Wut? Ur name is Kassie, rite?

Man I can't even type how you text. I have this urge to write in English, but for the sake of being fair to what you actually sent me, I must transcribe your attempts at communication onto this blog.

Oh, and No! I am a guy who graduated COLLEGE recently so you definitely have the wrong number.

Funny, I haven't received a text back since I told her something along those lines--no, wait,
a text!

11:15 PM ET - Ok. I guess i do have the rong #. Sry 2 bug u. Buhbye!

...good grief. Is this world going crazy?

I guess I have my answer.

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