Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tooley (2:30:14 PM): pickles are natures flacid cucumbers

And it continued:

Becca (2:30:48 PM): Rachel doesn't like flacid things
Rachel (2:30:55 PM): that's right, i don't
Becca (2:31:05 PM): You can't bone with flacid things
Rachel (2:31:14 PM): come on now, i'm not all about boning
Rachel (2:31:16 PM): i have other aspects
Becca (2:31:33 PM): Sandwiches?
Tooley (2:31:55 PM): hot dogs
Tooley (2:32:02 PM): corn dogs
Tooley (2:32:11 PM): popsicles
Becca (2:32:23 PM): What are... things on sticks!
Tooley (2:32:25 PM): meat-on-a-stick
Rachel (2:32:30 PM): you know how many foods are shaped like dicks? the best kinds.
Becca (2:32:37 PM): It's true
Becca (2:32:45 PM): Look at a water bottle
Tooley (2:32:50 PM): that doesn't make sense
Becca (2:32:52 PM): corn on the cob?
Rachel (2:32:59 PM): water bottles are shaped like dicks?
Becca (2:33:04 PM): Sort of
Rachel (2:33:04 PM): what kind of dick are YOU talking about?
Becca (2:33:12 PM): Look at my aquafina bottle!
Tooley (2:33:22 PM): you asked "how many kinds" and answered a question asking "what kinds"
Rachel (2:33:32 PM): goddamit
Rachel (2:33:36 PM): i was trying to quote superbad
Tooley (2:33:36 PM): gatorade
Tooley (2:33:45 PM): trying
Tooley (2:33:47 PM): and failing
Rachel (2:33:56 PM): i'd say the aquafina bottle is pointy at the top and bulbous at the bottom
Rachel (2:33:59 PM): not my kinda dick
Becca (2:34:11 PM): Um... well, it idefinitely has a shart and a head
Rachel (2:34:21 PM): shart?
Becca (2:34:33 PM): And if you look at it right you can only see two of the little feet thingies, and they look kinda like balls
Becca (2:34:35 PM): Shaft
Becca (2:34:38 PM): sorry
Tooley (2:35:24 PM): shit fart
Becca (2:35:38 PM): I strongly dislike you both
Rachel (2:37:07 PM): by the way, you spelled "flaccid" wrong.
Becca (2:37:13 PM): DAMMIT

Even later:

Rachel (3:13:56 PM): becca! i get it now!
Rachel (3:14:05 PM): if you take the entire lid off the aquafina bottle
Rachel (3:14:10 PM): it DOES look like a wang.
Becca (3:15:29 PM): YES
Becca (3:15:32 PM): THANKYOU
Becca (3:15:36 PM): I told you so
Rachel (3:26:01 PM): i'm not sure why it would be thinner in the middle though
Rachel (3:26:05 PM): maybe that's my hand around it
Rachel (3:26:06 PM): ZING!
Becca (3:26:29 PM): Hahaha


  1. Conversations like this make me happy I have the friends I have. Priceless.

  2. Oh, thanks for having a conversation without me.