Friday, February 1, 2008

Yeah, I'm posting at 4:30 am. Sparks. Andrea IMed me at 3 and was like "I'm wasted, come have a homework party," and I was like, "Silly Andrea, if you're going to get drunk at 3 you have to be careful to balence alcohol with caffeine." Fool that I was!

Anyway, since this disrupted any plans I had re: dinner, I am reproposing those plans for Saturday night. We haven't had a dinner together in ages and since y'all graduated I feel like I only see you when I'm wasted at a bar.

So does that sound ok? We could all bring something and meet up around 6ish? My house, or someone else's house, or possibly Piraeus if we get Andrea in on it? Please please please not 710 though please.

I'm thinking I might make tortillas and cheesy rice. But it's hard to think clearly about food right now because anything which has carbohydrates
sounds mind-blowingly good. Some fool freshman left unlabled sourdough walnut bread in Hopkins and I have destroyed it. Yet I hunger for more.


  1. I'll bring ice cream. I might be a little late....

  2. Hey, I don't want it at my house but you don't have to have such a burning hatred for my house. That's uncalled for me thinks.

  3. I'd love to cook and feast! We shall chat about more specific plans later.