Wednesday, April 16, 2008


A summary of the evening: Tooley drunkenly berated the CEO of his company for not adequately appreciating Pink Floyd. ("You've HEARD of Pink Floyd? THE GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIME!?!" "They're Ok." "OF ALL TIME!") Then I tried to waltz with an aged molester. Devon bravely drank her way through the shitstorm.


  1. Alright, so Kit just told me this this morning: "Tooley, I don't know how to say this (pause to collect words in his mind) my wife thought that your date was very attractive." I paused and asked if it was sarcastic, which it was not. She genuinely was jealous of you Mary, which Kit then said he would have to pay for because Jennifer will be more protective of him. Other than that, everyone I have talked to thought that you were hilarious Mary, and really liked you. Apparently you are one more person who is out of my league...

  2. Tooley, I'll always be in your league. Always.

    Um I'm not sure I talked to Kit for more than two seconds. His wife may have supressed lesbian urges, which I'm sure Beth will be more than willing to help her explore. Hisssss.

    But thanks for taking me, because I had a lot of fun. I liked everyone, some people sincerely, some people ironically.