Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Holiday Parties

Inspired by Mary's previous post, I have decided to make my way back into the blog-o-sphere. I was so pumped about starting up Spokanicity and then I sort of disappeared for awhile but now... now I'm back, bitches.

Back in December, Tooley and I made a deal that we'd go to each other's (work) holiday parties in search of free booze, amusing coworkers, and general hijinks. Tooley's Little Software Company holiday party was first, taking place in the Davenport. Because we got there early, we wandered around looking at these fancy gingerbread houses that were on display. When the party itself started, we sat at a table with Tooley's coworker Kit and his then-fiance and his coworker Alex, which made for some... interesting conversation. The food was standard catering fare, but the booze was FREE, FREE, FREE and Tooley was driving so I had three glasses of wine.

My second-favorite moment was when Alex saw me playing with the silver ring I wear sometimes on my right hand and asked me if I was married. When I replied no, he asked me if I had any single friends. Now, he sends me invitations to at least one Facebook application a day.

My favorite moment was when Tooley and I decided that we needed to lighten the load of booze that the Davenport would have to put away. We're considerate, right? So we lingered not at all obviously (read: incredibly obviously) by the beverage table while almost all of his coworkers left to go home. When the members of cleanup crew had their backs turned, Tooley stuffed a bottle of white wine in my purse and we booked it. Once back in the Logan neighborhood, we burst into Matt and Becca's apartment while they were in the middle of domestic bliss (i.e. watching Arrested Development and playing on their laptops side-by-side) and split the bottle. Even though I don't like white wine usually, this tasted delicious. Because it was free? I'll let you decide.

My Little Software Company had its party at Gonzaga, and Becca was ill, so it was not nearly as fun-filled, buuuut we still got drunk and played Rock Band after. So, all's well that ends well.


  1. If you rotate who you take to every party, your company will think you're a playaaaaa.